Simple and Fast

Debit through Coinbase

Securely Fund Lightning Ramp via Coinbase

Lightning Ramp doesn’t hold Coinbase authorization tokens. They remain securely on user devices.

scan QR

Enter the Destination Address or Scan QR code

Lighting addresses are distinguished from Bitcoin on-chain addresses.

Mobi Charger L2

Lightning Ramp Identifies the best Lightning Network Channels

Lightning Ramp pre-selects the most efficient channels to ensure maximum connectivity to the network.

Mobi Charger L2

Destination Address Securely Receives the Payment

If destination node is offline, funds will return to the origin and automatically retry at a later time.


The Current State


Since its inception, Bitcoin has won over the cryptocurrency market as a store of value. But the original aspiration of Bitcoin to also be a viable medium of exchange is yet to be realized. The dream of paying for a cup of coffee with Bitcoin can only happen when the network scales to take on a higher number of transactions. The Lightning Network can make this next level of scalability a reality - fast transactions with manageable fees in high volumes. For this next step forward, it is necessary for exchanges to integrate with the Lightning Network needs to connect with traditional exchanges. However, traditional exchanges are trying to meet growing user demands while handling price volatility. 



Introducing Lightning Ramp

Lightning Ramp


We are connecting traditional exchanges to the Lightning Network. In the most current version of Lightning Ramp, Coinbase is integrated. Future releases will integrate with other popular exchanges to allow for a complete freeflow of digital currency. Lightning Ramp provides a powerful combination of security and speed.


Lightning Ramp integrates with Coinbase. You get the security of a leading exchange, professional security audits, and two-factor authentication.


Lightning Ramp harnesses the power of the Lightning Network. Bitcoin payments are delivered trustlessly at the speed of light.


Lightning Ramp is built for Android and iOS. Bitcoin can now be the cash in your pocket


Alpha release coming soon. Sign up for early access!