Since its inception, Bitcoin has won over the cryptocurrency market as a store of value. But the original aspiration of Bitcoin to also be a viable medium of exchange is yet to be realized. The dream of paying for a cup of coffee with Bitcoin can only happen when the network scales to take on a higher number of transactions. The Lightning Network can make this next level of scalability a reality - fast transactions with manageable fees in high volumes. For this next step forward, it is necessary for exchanges to integrate with the Lightning Network needs to connect with traditional exchanges. However, traditional exchanges are trying to meet growing user demands while handling price volatility.

Our Solution

We are connecting traditional exchanges to the Lightning Network. In the most current version of Lightning Ramp, Coinbase is integrated. Future releases will integrate with other popular exchanges to allow for a complete freeflow of digital currency. Lightning Ramp provides a powerful combination of security and speed.


Lightning Ramp integrates with Coinbase. You get the security of a leading exchange, professional security audits, and two-factor authentication.


Lightning Ramp harnesses the power of the Lightning Network. Bitcoin payments are delivered trustlessly at the speed of light.


Lightning Ramp is built for Android and iOS. Bitcoin can now be the cash in your pocket

In line with the mission of Bitcoin, we are striving to connect every person on the planet to a system of sound money that can be independently owned and controlled. We aim to make Bitcoin the best medium of exchange - moving money globally with lightning fast transactions and minimal fees. With digital currency flowing freely between traders and exchanges, customers and merchants, and peer to peer, the objective of a stable, viable globally currency can be achieved.

As a company, we are intending to increase the number of users and services that can access the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network will provide users with faster and cheaper access to their digital goods. We will develop a suite of products that allow users to spend, save, and trade their digital currencies more effectively than current on-chain solutions.

Michael Borglin

Co-founder & CEO

As a seasoned software engineer, Michael sees the potential for Blockchain technology to make a huge impact on the world. More specifically, he sees the immutability and censorship resistant properties that Bitcoin holds as prime reason why it will continue growing as a store of value to complete on the world stage similar to gold.

Beyond gold, Michael believes along with many others in the community that Bitcoin has the potential to be more than just a store of value. Bitcoin can be a currency. To that end he has co-founded this company to build out that potential. Dedicated to easy and secure payments, Michael strives to deliver sounds money to millions of businesses and individuals world wide.

Harvey Chan

Co-founder & CTO

Harvey Chan is a full stack developer and hackathon enthusiast. He caught the crypto bug in the early 2000s and was one of the original miners of Litecoin. Since then, he has taken on various software engineering roles including one at Tesla where he worked to develop the client facing sales tool.

A self-proclaimed "tinkerer" and "hackathon enthusiast", Harvey is always challenging the status quo and bringing fresh ideas and ingenuitive solutions to the table. He leads prototyping and research.

Thomas Connors

Co-founder & Engineer

A distributed engineer with a background in mobile. Thomas previously worked at Twilio developing Mobile SDKs and Platform APIs. He enjoys building for other developers and believes the blockchain ecosystem can benefit immensely from improving developer tools. Fundamentally he believes Bitcoin can promote a self sovereign individual.

Serena Xu


Serena is a seasoned designer and marketer. She has worked with many global brands as well as technology startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blockchain technology piqued her interest in 2016 and she has been engrossed in the development of the landscape since. She is excited about the potential its potential to bring about significant change for the better to every industry. She recognizes intuitive design and usability as the next great hurdle for technologies in the space to overcome in order to gain mainstream adoption. She is dedicated to driving that change.